Yoga, a complete health system, stimulates the body to function efficiently; relieving stress, increasing flexibility; promoting stability, inner strength and serenity. With regular practice you will notice that not only your body changes, but you also become aware of a subtle change in your approach to life - for,  through persistently toning and  relaxing the body and stilling the mind, you begin to glimpse a state of inner peace which is your true nature.


María del Rosario  (Charo) has been practicing yoga for  26 years and teaching children, adults and seniors for the past 24 years.

Yoga was an instrumental part of Maria del Rosario's healing, self-discovery and awakening. Maria del Rosario studied with many wonderful teachers, her teaching became a fusion of the different disciplines she’s practiced throughout the years.

She is passionate about teaching yoga to children and give them the tools to be able to navigate through life at an early age. She has been teaching yoga at Camp Dreamcatcher, a therapeutic camp for children impacted with HIV/AIDS for the past 19 years. As well as workshops at Day care centers, Elementary and High Schools.

Yoga Studies: Kripalu Yoga w/ Liz Wanner (Sama Center), Tod Norian (Kripalu Center) | YogaKids w/ Marsha Wenig | TriYoga w/ Kali Ray, Paula DiGregorio (Sama Center) and senior teachers from TriYoga International | TriYoga Anatomy w/ Kim Beecher | Chakra Yoga w/ Tod Norian |Restorative Yoga w/ Judith Hanson Lasater and Judy Curiel | Kundalini Yoga w/ Gurmukh, Nirvair Singh Kalsa | Anusara Yoga - 3 Godesses w/ Tod Norian | Trauma-Informed Lens Yoga Teacher Training with Gwen Soffer and Melissa Lucchesi

Certifications:  Kali Ray TriYoga Teacher Training Basics | Restorative Yoga | Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher | American Heart Association: CPR AED, Infant CPR |


"Thank you, Charo. You are such an inspiration. It is a pleasure and gift to be in your yoga class." ~ Noreen

"Now that I know yoga it will help me go through 6th Grade. You have helped me so much, thank you!" ~ E.S

"Thank you for the time you devoted to us through the yoga program. Without you our program would not exist. The children know that they can count on you to be there to help with strengthening their bodies, but more important to  care about and for them. You have made a significant difference in their lives." ~ Care Center for Christ

"For the past seven years I have taken a yoga class for Seniors with Charo. I look forward to my Thursday class. Charo gently guides us through the postures,  paying special attention to each student to make sure we are safe and correct in  our postures. Her gentle, caring nature brings an aura of calm to the class.  Thank you Charo for all you do to build my strength and flexibility and bring  inner peace to me." ~ Barbara L

"I have taken yoga classes with Charo for several years. She is unremittingly friendly, gentle and inspiring. I look forward to class and always leave glad that I went. Charo makes sure that our postures are safe and correct with gentle guidance, not by pushing you into place like some instructors. My knees and shoulders are grateful. She also offers alternatives for various levels of flexibility."  ~ Kay W.

"I don't think yoga would be the same with anyone else but Charo. She tries hard to take into consideration all of her student's physical ailments and implement movements that will help (or avoid movements that will hinder) their recovery. She genuinely cares about the lives of each of her students and is an all around wonderful teacher." ~ Caroline

"Thank you for teaching me yoga. You helped me learn a new way to relax. I got angry the other day and if you didn't teach me yoga I would have been stressed. Sincerely Ana"

Charo Evangelista | 610-644-6857 | West Chester, PA   19382

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YOGA FLOWS: Experience gentle Yoga flows, which combines posture, breath, focus, and meditation. With this practice you will notice that not only your body changes, but you also become aware of a subtle change in your approach to life,  through persistently toning and  relaxing the body and stilling the mind, you begin to glimpse a state of inner peace which is your true nature.

GENTLE YOGA: Suitable for seniors, beginners, and students who have taken yoga before looking for a slower paced class. This slow paced class can help slow down the effects of the aging process by maintaining muscle softness and flexibility, keeping the mind alert and awake, encouraging relaxation and strengthening muscles and joints. Improve cardiovascular health, sleep, and balance encouraging the body, mind and spirit to remain healthy and strong.

SERENITY YOGA: Slow down, reconnect with yourself and experience an inner stillness. Using a combination of yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation, this class will help reduce stress, calm the mind and boost your feelings of well-being.

CHAIR YOGA: Reclaim your joint mobility and strength in a gentle way regardless of your age and fitness level. These seated exercises that you can perform at home or in the office include simple stretches, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques designed to build body stamina, flexibility and balance. Enjoy this restorative yoga practice and see improvements in your body, mind and spirit.


    610-692-7171   /

     Jason Lang, Director of Recreation -



     - Yoga Flows, 5:30 pm  - 6:45 pm

     Thursdays:  Gentle Yoga, 4:00 pm  - 5:00 pm

     Location: East Goshen Township Building


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      - Yoga Flow w/ Charo,  8:45 am  - 10:00    

      - Serenity Yoga,  10:15 am - 11:15

      Location: ONLINE - Livestream





     - Serenity Yoga, 6:00 pm  - 7:00 pm

     Location: Śama Center



Classes are in-person