María del Rosario (Charo) Evangelista

and St. Germain as well as other teachers that brought Light into her life.

Her path has been that of discovering joy in all that she does, taking every moment as a learning experience, a new adventure, a new beginning.

In 2003 master Willaru came into her life, and she knew he was the right teacher to take her on a pilgrimage to her native Perú and learn about the teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools. His words and wisdom resonated with her heart.

She was initiated into the Sisterhood of the Rose by Beloved Mother Mary, with instructions to start using her God given name, María del Rosario, because her name carried a vibration that would help her in the next phase of her life's mission. And  through the Sisterhood of the Rose Praying Circles to teach about the high frequencies of Love, and how to expand the heart to receive these frequencies for self-healing and soul growth.

Guided by our Divine Mother and the Light-beings of the Rose Galaxy, María del Rosario was instructed to bring the Golden Rose Healing modality to Earth to help all beings during the ascension process.

Her life mission is to help others to connect to the light of Love within their hearts and open the fountain of Joy to allow them to live a blissful life.

She lives in West Chester PA with her husband Fran and their furbabies  Jonni, Joy & Krishna.

She also leads groups to her native Perú.


Usui Reiki Master, Master Teacher of Magnified Healing Level 1, Emotional Healer facilitator, Access Bars, Aromatouch Technique practitioner, TriYoga, Restorative Yoga, Trauma-informed Yoga instructor, ESSENTRICS® Level 1 Instructor.

María del Rosario surrounded with Spirits / Orbs and receiving

healing at the sacred site of Tipón.


María del Rosario is a lightworker and starseed from the Rose Galaxy, born in Perú.

She lived in New York City for 23 years working in the advertising industry as a graphic designer and illustrator. Unbeknown to her, Spirit brought her to West Chester, PA in 1994 and life as she knew it was forever changed.

Her awakening came through yoga and meditation, which opened her up to be able to communicate with Archangel Michael and the Angelic realm. With their help she was able to heal her Soul, find her Spirit and open her heart to receive guidance from the Ascended Masters, especially El Morya, Sananda / Jesus,