When Willaru is asked, he strongly states that he is not a teacher, a shaman or any other form of  hierarchical heritage. He simply says he is a student of life. His connection to the Great White  Brotherhood is obvious as a presence of powerful truth and integrity. Yet in person, Willaru  is  extremely humble, impeccably honest,  and completely open, sharing  deep truths that transcend all  traditions, cultures and races.

"After 2000 years, the Sun is rising. Its rays bring health, purity and wisdom for the healing of all  humanity...    We  live  in  a  time  of  the   fulfillment   of  prophesy."

Willaru is a Sun’s Messenger of the Inca's Andean Mystery School Initiate

Born a Quetchua Indian in Peru, he learned to receive truth  during spiritual quests in the amazon jungle, from the  Masters of the Inner Cities and his interactions with local  shamans.  A few years ago he had a vision to travel to Cuzco,  as a chasqui (messenger) for the Great White Brotherhood   with messages pertaining to the transitional times in which we live.

"The  Incan  prophecies say that  now,  in this age,  when  the  eagle of  the North and  the  condor of the South fly  together,  the Earth will awaken. The eagles of the North cannot be free without the condors of the South. Now it's  happening. Now is the time. The Aquarian Age is an era of light, an age of awakening, an age  of  returning to natural ways. Our generation is  here to help begin this age, to prepare through different schools to understand the message of the heart, intuition, and  nature."

"We must return to the ways of nature  and  recognize that  we are a part of the Sun, Moon,   Earth, Water, and  Air.  Mother Nature is within  us and we  within her. Each of our lives are  divine temples of  Mother Nature and  Father Creator." ~ Willaru

"Each person is a Sacred Temple.  The altar of  that temple is  the heart.  The fire of  love, a reflection of the greater light,  burns upon this altar. This light  within must be acknowledged and cared for. This is the religion of the Sons of the Sun. It is the universal, cosmic, solar religion.”



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