visit to Koricancha, the  Temple  of the  Sun,  once home  to t he GREAT SOLAR DISK. Overnight in Cusco.

July 8.- Welcome ceremony by a K'ero Shaman. Morning visit to three very powerful places around Cusco: Saqsayhuamán (Temple of the Earth), Kenco (Shrine to Pachamama, Mother  Earth) and Tambomachay (Temple  of  the Water). Each sacred site vibrates in different musical notes to heal our body, mind and spirit. Yoga and/or meditation at each site. Overnight in Cusco.

July 9.- Morning visit to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, hike to the Pisac Royal Inca Palace, where a Sun Temple cradles a meteor from  Maldek, on top of the mountain where we will meditate. Visit the Pisac Village and indian market. Free afternoon to  shop and  have lunch. Overnight in Huarán.


Dates to be announced

15 Days / 14  Nights Transformational

Journey to the Land of the Incas

July 6.-  International  flight  to Perú,  arriving Lima in the  evening.  Overnight in Lima.

July 7.- After breakfast,  flight to  Cusco,  capital of  the  Inca   civilization  high   in the  Andes Mountains.  Transfer  to the  hotel  and  rest  to adapt  the  body to  the high  altitude.  Light lunch.  Group meeting  to set our intentions for this pilgrimage.

July 11.-  Early morning train to  Machu Picchu,  journeying along the  Urubamba River down to the Rain Forest to  Aguas Calientes  (Machu Picchu District).  Afternoon visit to Machu Picchu, the ancient  Inca's  Mystery  School for  Higher Initiation.  Explore the most  important  places  at the site. Overnight in Aguas Calientes.

July 12.-  Morning return to  Machu Picchu.  Yoga,  meditation or you  may wish to  hike  Apu Machu Picchu and meditate on top of the world. Afternoon visit to the Inti Watana, the Temple of the  Condor,  lots to explore.  Return to the hotel to rest or  enjoy a  fabulous,  soothing  hot  springs  bath. Overnight in Aguas Calientes.

July 17.- After  breakfast,  from  the port at  Puno,  we board a  boat to  navigate Lake Titicaca, the highest  navigable  lake in the  world.  Visiting  with  the Uros Indians  at  their  homes  on floating man-made  reed  islands,   and   Taquile Island,   where  the   indigenous  people  continue  to  live according to the principles of Inca life. Lunch in Taquile (included). Overnight in Puno.

July 18.- Morning  visit  to the  inter-dimensional  portal  of  Aramu Muru's Doorway,  it is said that “This door, will  open one day and  welcome the creator gods of all mankind.  These gods will return  in their “Solar Ships” and  all mankind will be in awe.”  Yoga and  Meditation at the Temple   of the Earth.  Explore  Hayu Marca,  revered  by the  indigineous people as  “The City of the Gods”, where rock  formations  resemble buildings,   animals and  artificial  structures.   Visit the  Cosmic gateway of Kutimbo sacred site, an observatory and natural altars of mysterious power. Overnight in Puno.

July 15.-  Leisure  day in  Cusco  for  laundry,  shopping, internet,  banks,  resting,  massage  and preparation  for the next trip to Lake Titicaca.  Overnight in Cusco.

July 16.-  Bus trip to Puno,  also the cradle of Inca  civilization,  as Manco Capac, the first Inca, rose from the waters of Lake Titicaca,  under the orders of the Sun God,  to found the Inca Empire.   On the way we'll visit the magnificent Wiracocha (Solar Christ) Temple at Raqchi.  It was here that the new Incas  were chosen  and it is  prophesied that  during our  lifetime the  new Incas  will rise  up from here once again. Overnight in Puno.

July 13.- Morning train  back to  Ollantaytambo,  then  bus trip returning  to Cusco. On the way, we  visit  Chincheros,  the  Town  of  the  Rainbow,   it's  people are the  most conservative  of  the  inka traditions.  The town hosts a great display of Inca architecture,  ruins and  megalithic carved rocks. It is also the center of weaving in Peru. Overnight in Cusco.

July 14.- Morning visit Tipón,  we will do yoga and  meditation at the  Temple of the Water, a Purification  ceremony  at the  Temple  of the Air.  Free afternoon to  explore the  beautiful  city of Cusco  and  don't forget to stop at the  Choco Museum to learn all  about  chocolate.  Overnight in Cusco.

July 10.-  After breakfast,  bus trip to  Ollantaytambo,  the inca  Temple of the Sun also known as the Pyramid of Pakaritambo.  Meditation  at the Temple of the Condor. This sacred site is the Lemurian Heart Center  worshiped by the incas.  After lunch, visit to the  Dimensional  Circles of Moray,  yoga and meditation  at the  Mother Earth Temple, housing a very  powerful  energy  vortex and  receive the three primary forces of the Universe; and the Maras Salt Mines which are beyond amazing: no modern technology is used to harvest the pink salt. Overnight in Huarán.

July 19.- After breakfast, on the way to the Juliaca airport for the flight to Lima, visit Sillustani, one of the largest necropolises in  America and one of the most impressive in the world;  Umayo Lagoon, a galactic gateway. Overnight in Lima.

July 20.- Morning  bus tour to the  beautiful city Lima,  the capital of Perú.  After  lunch we  gather for meditation and to reflect about our experiences during the trip.  Farewell dinner. Evening flight back to the USA.