Awakening the soul to the Divine Feminine is to realize the balance of the feminine and masculine wisdom  in  our  lives through  experiential  education, healing, and  energy practices.

The  Divine Feminine (Eros) in sublime harmony with the Divine Masculine (Logos) offers us a joyful means to awaken the power inherent in our nature.

As this dynamic balance emerges, we feel more connected to the cycles of the Earth, to our true emotions,  and to the power and sacredness of our being. When we awaken the soul, we experience greater  aliveness,   natural  pleasure, and  a deeper dimension of  love in  our relationships. We access a refined quality of energy so real and tangible that every part of our life is enriched.

This is a Joyful Life Changing Experience to Open the heart,

Heal the Soul, and Connect with the Divine Feminine within you

guided by our teacher María del Rosario (Charo*)

Join us for a transformational journey to Charo's enchanted Perú, the planetary heart center.

DISCOVER  the  sacred sites,  HEAL  your body, mind and  Spirit as  each site  vibrates in  different musical  notes.    AWAKEN  your   Spirit  within  the  frequencies  of  the  femenine  energy  in the Sacred  Valley of the  Incas.  EXPLORE  Ollantaytambo,  the Lemurian Heart Center, where precise celestial  alignments are exhibited.  OPEN YOUR HEART  to higher  frequencies  of Love with yoga and meditation at the Dimensional Circles of Moray.  ASCEND  Pisac, where a  Sun Temple cradles  a meteor from  Maldek. ANCHOR PEACE  in your heart at Machu Picchu.  RENEW your body with a hot springs  bath at  Aguas Calientes.  EXPAND  and  BALANCE your Sacred Heart at  Lake Titicaca. VISIT  with the Uros indigenoues people who pre-date the incan civilization. RESTORE  at Taquille Island, an  Oral and  Intangible Heritage  of  Humanity.   EXPERIENCE  the  energies  at  the  Inter- dimensional portal of Amaru Muru's Doorway and the mysterious rock formations in Hayumarca, "The City of the Gods."

* Known as Charo  (her nickname) throughout her life by family,  friends  and students.  In 2014 she was instructed by  Beloved  Divine Mother to use her God given name,  María del Rosario, for the next phase of her life.

Machu Picchu Is situated in the core of a unique double vortex. This sacred energy is of massive potency.  It  is  primarely  feminine.  Goddess  in nature. It  initiates  all  seekers  with  the  light encoded energy  emitted in  perpendicular  golden rays from the  Sacred Earth  inside the inner ring.  All  who  receive  it provide  more  balance  to the planet,  by achieving  a greater  balance within.

The stunning beautiful site of this holy lake is simply breathtaking. Lake Titicaca is not only the highest  navigable  lake on the  planet  and  the  second largest  lake in  South America, but it is also the  largest  vortex portal in South America and performs a unique role.

It not  only  carries a  feminine  energy  but also  the  masculine.  This  perfect  balance  is  what attracts so many to this healing site. This holy lake receives and blends  enormous inflow of the feminine  energy  so  necessary  for our planet to  achieve  balance,  but  it  is  the  female/male balance that  Gaia ultimately seeks to project.

Lake Titicaca   carries  tremendous  clearing  potential  for  all  seekers  on  the path,    and  offers balance  to any  human that is out of balance.  It is one of the most  sacred places in the planet.

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